Can a person start out as a pharmacy technician and eventually work into becoming a pharmacist?


Ang asked:

I was wandering if it could work like some professions where you could start out low (like a pharmacy tech)and with more education work up to a higher level.Or would you just have to go right into the Pharm-d program.Also how long do you have to go to school? I hope I’m making sense and not sounding totally ignorant.
Ok thanks everyone.Yeah that’s what I meant was work as a tech then go to school.Like how a LPN can transition with a little more education to an RN.I didn’t realize it took that long(whew!). So much for that career path!And yes excuse the spelling I’m not as good as when I was younger but I do try and I may have hit the wrong key.I’m also from the!

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To become a pharmacist, you need a PharmD degree, and that takes 6-8 years. There aren’t that many areas for advancement for techs.

Ashley S

Pharm techs are very smart but they only go to school for a semester (at least in NC they do.) I work in a hospital and the pharmacist we have has his doctorate. I know it takes over 4 years. Sorry..I don’t know much more other than the fact that it is a very challenging curriculium.


At best you can do is to work as a tech to support yourself while you go to school for your full degree. There is no working your way up without the degree.


I know some people who are pharmacists that started out as pharmacy technicians. But, they were in school obtaining their bachelor’s, then eventually got their doctorate. You cannot become a pharmacist by simply working as a tech. for so long and just doing a little education on the side, if that is what you are asking. You are looking at around seven years of full-time school.

And it’s wondering, not wandering. Just thought you might like to know.

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