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I know there are 2 year programs you can take to become a pharmacy technician. I can’t find local schools for a pharmacy TECHNICIAN, but I can find just pre-pharmacy. My question is, if I take 2 years Pre-Pharm vs. Pharm Tech classes, is that enough education to become a pharmacy tech.?
P.S.- I know you take a certification test to be certified, would 2 years pre-pharm be about equal to the other?

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Tom C

If memory serves, you don’t actually have to have schooling to be a technician. You can have on the job training, and then take the test to be certified. However, most places have the ability to be picky these days, so some formal training is almost required.

I can’t say I have really seen that many people who are driving to be a Pharmacy Tech. Most of the techs I know, were aspiring pharmacists but couldn’t hack it.

So whether you take specific technician classes, or enroll in pre-pharm, I would assume them to be quite similar. I don’t know though, which would look better on a resume. That you were enrolled in pre-pharm, or that you specifically were gunning for a pharm tech position.

Gregg DesElms

Pharmacy technicians are regulated by state. Your only reliable source of information on this, then, is the web site of the agency which licenses pharmacy technicians IN YOUR STATE. It’s probably not a good ideal to come to a place like this and expect answers upon which you can rely.

Find the web site of the agency or board or bureau which licenses pharmacy technicians in your state and I guarantee you will find the answers you seek… along with lists of approved schools, descriptions of coursework, etc., etc.

Go there. Not here.

Hope that helps.


You do not need a 2 year program for pharmacy tech. Find a school that help you get certified, this program should only take a few months.

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